Click here to access our Zinio collection of eMagazines. 

What you need:

1)To be a Dexter District Library resident with a current library card beginning in 29221.  If you have an older card that does not begin with 29221, please come into the Library and have it replaced (for free.)

2)An email account

3)Ability to go online with a computer (pc or mac) or a portable device, including the iPhone®, iPad®, Android™, Kindle Fire™/Fire™ HD, Windows 8, Blackberry® Playbook™, and Nook® HD/HD+

What you need to do:

1)Go to

2)Click (or tap) on "Create New Account".

3)Enter your Dexter library card number (the number underneath the barcode on your library card) and click next.

4)Fill in your information, create a password, and click create account.  (Password must have at least 7 characters and include letters and numbers.) 

5)Choose a magazine to check out and click on it.

6)Click on “Complete Checkout”.

Whenever you wish to get additional titles from the library’s collection you need to return to The Library Network ‘s magazine collection page (and log in if you're not already logged in.)

Click on another title, then click on “go to my checked out magazines.”

Please be aware that Zinio is also a retail business that sells emagazine subscriptions to individual consumers.  Parts of their website are geared for doing that.  You do not have to purchase anything to get the magazines from the library.  If you use the "Zinio for Libraries" app instead of the regular "Zinio" app - you won't see any of this advertising.

Mobile App - "Zinio for Libraries"

Important: You must set up your account before setting up your iPad viewer app (or any other device's Zinio viewer app). 

To enhance your magazine issue viewing experience, the Zinio viewer app is available for iPad and Android tablets for viewing magazines by downloading and reading offline.  The App is a READER ONLY, meaning you must return to the library collection whenever you wish to choose additional magazines or issues and check them out.  In other words, you cannot use the app to get the magazines from the library, you can only use the app to read the magazines.

After setting up your account, download and install the app from your device's app store.

In the app settings, it is also recommended that you UNCHECK the box on the settings screen to NOT receive updates/promotions.

Please note:  Although you can check out magazines from within your web browser, you will need to use the app to actually read them on a mobile device.