New York

New York
Ackerman, P. The Lonely Phonebooth, 2012
Avi Silent Movie, 2003
Burg, A. E is for Empire: A New York State Alphabet, 2003
Casey, T. The Underground Gators, 2009
Cohen, M. Mimmy & Sophie, 1999
Collier, B. Uptown, 2000
Crow, K. Cool Daddy Rat, 2008
Deedy, C. 14 Cows for America, 2009
Downing, J. Toady is Monday in New York, 2011
Drummond, A. Liberty! 2002
Enderle, J. Where Are You, Little Zack?   1997
George, J. Frightful's Daughter, 2002
Gerstein, M. The Man Who Walked Between the Towers, 2003
Gonzalex, L. The Storyteller's Candle = La velita de los cuentos, 2008
Goodman, S. On This Spot: An Expedition Back Through Time, 2004
Greenberg, M. Mermaids on Parade, 2008
Hall, B. Henry and the Kite Dragon, 2004
Haseley, D. The Invisible Moose, 2006
Hawkes, K. The Wicked Big Toddlah Goes to New York, 2012
Hest, A. When You Meet a Bear on Broadway, 2009
High, L. Under New York, 2001
Hopkinson, D. Sky Boys: How They Built the Empire State Building, 2006
Hyde, H. Feivel's Flying Horses, 2010
Joel, B. New York State of Mind, 2005
Joosse, B. The Morning Chair, 1995
Kalman, M. Fireboat: The Heroic Adventures of John J. Harvey, 2002
Karlins, M. Music Over Manhattan, 1998
Katz, J. Meets the Dogs of Bedlam Farm:   A True Story, 2011
Kimmel, E. The Top Job, 2007
Kimmel, E. Rip Van Winkle's Return, 2007
Mak, K. My Chinatown: One Year in Poems, 2002
Maltbie, P. Bambino and Mr. Twain, 2012
Manning, M. Laundry Day, 2012
Metropolitan Museum ABC, 2002
Myers, W. Looking Like Me, 2009
Negron, R. The Boy of Steel: A Baseball Dream Come True, 2006
Niemann, C. Subway, 2010
Nishimuyra, K. I Am Dodo: Not a True Story, 2005
Orlean, S. Lazy Little Loafers, 2008
Osborne, M. New York's Bravest,, 2002
Palatini, M. Mary Had a Little Ham, 2003
Peters, B. Boardway Barks, 2008
Pringle, L. One Room School, 1998
Puck Wow! New York City, 2010
Rael, E. What Zeesie Saw on Delancy Street, 1996
Ray, M. Basket Moon, 1999
Ringgold, F. Tar Beach, 1991
Ringgold, F. Cassie's Word Quilt, 2002
Rockliff, M. My Heart Will Not Sit Down, 2012
Rubbino, S. A Walk in New York, 2009
Sarcone-Roach, J. Subway Story, 2011
Schotter, R. The House of Joyful Living, 2008
Scieszka, J. Seen Art? 2005
Singer, M. Didi and Daddy on the Promenade, 2001
Sis, P. Madlenka, 2000
Steig, W. When Everybody Wore a Hat, 2003
Stevenson, H. Looking at Liberty, 2003
Stock, C. A Porc in New York, 2007
Sweet, M. Balloons Over Broadway:   The True Story of the Puppeteer of Macy's, 2011
Uhlberg, M. Dad, Jackie and Me, 2005
Vila, L. Building Manhattan, 2008
Waldman, N. The Starry Night, 1999
Ward, L. When Blue Met Egg, 2012
Weitzman, J. You Can't Take a Balloon Into the Metropolitan Museum, 1998
Wiesner, D. Sector 7, 1999
Winter, J. The Tale of Pale Male:   A True Story, 2007
Winter, J. Angelina's Island, 2007
Yolen, J. Naming Liverty, 2008
Zarin, C. Albert, the Dog Who Liked to Ride in Taxis, 2004
Additional children's books about New York can be found in Juvenile Non-Fiction (J 917.47
         and J 974.71)


Alborough, J. Captain Duck, 2003
Church, C. Little Apple Goat, 2007
Cole, H. Trudy, 2009
Crummel, S. Ten-Gallon Bart, 2006
Fox, M. Let's Count Goats! 2010
Galdone, P. Three Billy Goats Gruff, 1973
Gorbachev, V. That's What Friends Are For, 2005
Gorbachev, V. The Big Trip, 2004
Hale, D. Scapegoat: The Story of a Goat Named Oat and a Chewed-Up Coat, 2011
Hoberman, M. Bill Grogan's Goat, 2002
Kimmel, E. One Eye, Two Eyes, Three Eyes:   A Hutzel Tale, 1996
Kimmelman, L. The Three Bully Goats, 2011
Nyeu, T. Bunny Days, 2010
Palatini, M. The Three Silly Billies, 2005
Polacco, P. G is for Goat, 2003
Sharpe, L. The Goat-Faced Girl: A Classic Italian Folktale, 2009
Taylor, S. Huck Runs Amuck! 2011
Waddell, M. Captain Small Pig, 2009
Additional children's books about Goats can be found in Juvenile Non-Fiction (J 599.648
         and J636.39)

Zoo and Zoo Animals

Zoo and Zoo Animals
Anderson, D. Gladys Goes Out to Lunch, 2005
Arnold, C. Mother and Baby Zoo Animals, 1999
Browne, A. Little Beauty, 2008
Carle, E. Do You Want To Be My Friend?   1976
Carle, E. 1, 2, 3 To The Zoo, 1968
Carrick, C. Patrick's Dinosaurs, 1983
Cecil, R. Gator, 2007
Comden, B. What's New at the Zoo?   2011
Deady, K. Out and About at the Zoo, 2003
Degman, L. 1 Zany Zoo, 2010
Ehlert, L. Color Zoo, 1989
Ellis, A. When Lulu Went to the Zoo, 2010
Feiffer, K. My Side of the Car, 2011
Freeman, D. Quiet! There's a Canary in the Library, 2007
Gershator, P. Zoo Day Ole! A Counting Book, 2009
Hall, M. My Heart is Like a Zoo, 2010
Halliday, A. Always Lots of Heinies at the Zoo, 2009
Heap, S. Danny's Drawing Book, 2008
Hubbell, P. Bouncing Time, 2000
Ipcizade, C. Twas the Day Before Zoo Day, 2008
Jay, A. Welcome to the Zoo, 2008
Kanevky, P. Sleepy Boy, 2006
Ketteman, H. If Beaver Had a Fever, 2011
Komiya, T. Life-Size Zoo, 2008
Lee, S. The Zoo, 2007
McKee, D. Elmer Books
McQuade, J. At the Petting Zoo With Teddy Bear, 1999
Mitton, J. Zoo in the Sky, 1998
Morgan, R. Zoo Poo, 2004
Morris, R. Bye-Bye, Baby! 2009
Munsch, R. Alligator Baby, 1997
Newman, J. Hippo! No Rhino! 2006
Ohora, Z. Stop Snoring Bernard!   2011
Paxton, T. Going to the Zoo, 1996
Pfister, M. Charlie at the Zoo, 2007
Pichon, L. Penguins, 2008
Pinkwater, D. Bad Bears Go Visiting, 2007
Pinkwater, D. Bad Bears in the Big City, 2003
Pinkwater, D. Bad Bears and a Bunny, 2005
Pinkwater, D. Bad Bear Detectives, 2006
Rathmann, P. Good Night Gorilla, 1994
Rex, A. Pssst! 2007
Rey, H. Curious George Feeds the Animals, 1998
Rey, M. Curious George at the Aquarium, 2007
Rey, M. Curious George Takes a Job, 1975
Richardson, J. And Tango Makes Three, 2005
Riddle, T. The Great Escape From City Zoo, 1999
Rinard, J. What Happens At the Zoo, 1984
Sendelbach, B. The Underpants Zoo, 2011
Sierra, J. Wild About Books, 2004
Sierra, J. Zoozical, 2011
Stead, P. A Sick Day for Amos McGee, 2010
Waber, B. A Lion Named Shirley Williamson, 1996
Waldron, K. Mr. Peek and the Misunderstanding at the Zoo, 2010
Wilson, K. Never, Ever Shout in a Zoo, 2004
Wilson, K. Animal Strike at the Zoo.   It's True! 2006
Wise, W. Zany Zoo, 2006
Ziefert, H. A Bunny is Funny and So is This Book! 2008


Asch, F. The Last Puppy, 1980
Aylesworth, J. Teddy Bear Tears, 1997
Berenstain, S. The Berenstain Bears Get Stage Fright, 1986
Berg, B. What Happened to Marion's Book? 2003
Brown, M. Fox Eyes, 1977
Brown, M. Arthur's April Fool, 1983
Browne, A. Silly Billy, 2006
Cuyler, M. Stop, Drop and Roll, 2001
Cuyler, M. 100th Day Worries, 2000
Cuyler, M. Hooray for Reading Day!   2008
Cuyler, M. Bullies Never Win, 2009
Edwards, P. The Worrywarts, 1999
Erlbruch, W. Mrs. Meyer, the Bird, 1997
Gregory, V. A Valentine For Norman Noggs, 1999
Harjo, J. The Good Luck Cat, 2000
Henkes, K. Wemberly Worried, 2000
Hoban, L. Arthur's Halloween Costume, 1984
Johnson, N. The Falling Raindrop, 2010
Kasza, K. Ready for Anything!   2009
King-Smith, D. The Spotty Pig, 1997
Kirk, D. Little Miss Spider at Sunny Patch School, 2000
Lewis, K. Goodnight Harry, 2003
Loehr, P. Mucumber McGee and the Half-Eaten Hot Dog, 2007
Loehr, P. Mucumber McGee and the Lunch Lady's Liver, 2008
Mathers, P. Lottie's New Friend, 1999
Medina, S. Worry, 2007
Melling, D. Don't Worry Douglas!   2011
Niner, H. Mr. Worry: A Story About OCD, 2004
Poydar, N. The Bad-News Report Card, 2006
Rix, J. Looking After Murphy, 2002
Robbins, B. Tom's First Day At School, 2001
Rusackas, F. I Love You All Day Long, 2003
Sansone, A. The Little Green Goose, 1999
Scieszka, J. Melvin Might? 2008
Stadler, A. Beverly Billingsly Borrows a Book, 2002
Tafuri, N. Where Did Bunny Go?   2001
Tolle, E. Milton's Secret, 2008
Urdahl, C. Emma's Question, 2009
Viorst, J. Just in Case, 2006
Walsh, E. For Pete's Sake, 1998
Wells, R. Felix and the Worrier, 2003
Whybrow, I. Bella Gets Her Skates On, 2007
Wolff, F. Is a Worry Worrying You?   2005
Wood, D. The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear, 1990

World Trade Center/September 11th

World Trade Center/September 11th
Burg, A. E is for Empire: A New York State Alphabet, 2003
Deedy, C. 14 Cows for America, 2009
Gerstein, M. The Man Who Walked Between the Towers, 2003
Jonell, L. Bravemole, 2003
Kalman, M. Fireboat: The Heroic Adventures of the John J. Harvey, 2002
Winter, J. September Roses, 2004
Additional books about September 11th can be found in J 362.18, J 363.37 and J 973.931

Wordless Books

Wordless Books
Aliki Tabby: A Story in Pictures, 1995
Anno, M. Anno's Journey, 1981
Anno, M. Anno's Spain, 2004
Aruego, J. The Last Laugh, 2006
Baker, J. Home, 2004
Baker, J. Mirror, 2010
Bang, M. The Grey Lady and the Strawberry Snatcher, 1986
Banyai, I. Re-Zoom, 1995
Bartlett, T. Tuba Lessons, 1997
Briggs, R. The Snowman, 1978
Carle, E. Do You Want to Be My Friend?   1991
Crews, D. Freight Train, 1996
Crews, D. Truck, 1980
Day, A. You're a Good Dog, Carl!   2007
Day, A. Carl Goes Shopping, 1989
Day, A. Good Dog Carl, 1996
dePaola, T. Pancakes for Breakfast, 1978
Desrosiers, S. Hocus Pocus, 2011
Donovan, J. Small, Medium & Large, 2010
Faller, R. Adventures of Polo, 2006
Faller, R. Polo and the Magic Flute, 2009
Faller, R. Polo and the Magician!   2009
Faller, R. Polo and the Dragon, 2009
Faller, R. Polo and Lily, 2009
Fleischmen, P. Sidewalk Circus, 2004
Frazier, C. Bee & Bird, 2011
Geisert, A. Ice, 2011
Henterly, J. Good Night, Garden Gnome, 2001
Hoban, T. Colors Everywhere, 1995
Keats, E. Skates! 1981
Keats, E. Clementina's Cactus, 1999
Khing, T. Where is the Cake? 2007
Lee, S. Wave, 2008
Lee, S. Mirror, 2010
Lehman, B. Museum Trip, 2006
Lehman, B. Rainstorm, 2007
Lehman, B. The Red Book, 2004
Mayer, M. Octopus Soup, 2011
McCully, E. Four Hungry Kittens, 2001
Ommen, S. The Surprise, 2007
Peddle, D. Snow Day, 2000
Pinkney, J. The Lion & the Mouse, 2009
Raschka, C. A Ball for Daisy, 2011
Riphagen, L Animals Home Alone, 2011
Rodriguez, B. The Chicken Thief, 2009
Rodriguez, B. Fox and Hen Together, 2011
Rodriguez, B. Rooster's Revenge, 2011
Rogers, G. Midsummer Knight, 2007
Rogers, G. The Boy, the Bear, the Baron, the Bard, 2004
Rohman, E. Time Flies, 1994
Runton, A. Owly & Wormy Friends All Aflutter, 2011
Savage, S. Where's Walrus? 2011
Schories, P. When Jack Goes Out, 2010
Spier, P. Peter Spier's Rain, 1982
Spier, P. Peter Spier's Christmas, 1996
Spier, P. Noah's Ark, 1977
Vincent, G. A Day, A Dog, 2000
Weitzman, J. You Can't Take a Balloon Into the Metropolitan Museum, 1998
Weitzman, J. You Can't Take a Balloon Into the National Gallery, 2000
Wiesner, D. Sector 7, 1999
Wiesner, D. Flotsam, 2006
Wiesner, D. Free Fall, 1988
Yum, H. Last Night, 2008


Cullen, C. The Magical, Mystical, Marvelous Coat, 2001
Doherty, G. 1001 Wizard Things to Spot, 2007
Fox, M. The Magic Hat, 2002
Mayer, M. The Wizard Comes to Town, 2003
O'Brien, J. Poof! 1999
Plourde, L. The Blizzard Wizard, 2010
Prelutsky, J. The Wizard, 2007
Walsh, E. Pip's Magic, 1999
Walsh, E. Mouse Magic, 2000
Additional books about Wizards can be found in Juvenile Non-Fiction (J 133.3)


Baeten, L. The Curious Little Witch, 2010
Beinstein, P. Dora Saves the Snow Princess, 2008
Cohen, C. Broom, Zoom, 2010
DePaola, T. Strega Nona's Harvest, 2009
DePaola, T. Strega Nona: An Old Tale, 1988
DePaola, T. Strega Nona Meets Her Match, 1993
DePaola, T. Strega Nona: Her Story, 1996
DePaola, T. Strega Nona Takes a Vacation, 2000
DePaola, T. Strega Nona: An Original Tale, 1975
Disney Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, 2005
Gordon, D. Hansel and Diesel, 1006
Howard, A. Hoodwinked, 2001
Jones, U. The Witch's Children, 2003
Lesser, R. Hansel and Gretel, 1989
Marshall, J. Hansel and Gretel, 1990
McGhee, A. Only a Witch Can Fly, 2009
Meddaugh, S. The Witch's Walking Stick, 2005
Niemann, C. The Pet Dragon, 2008
Palatini, M. Piggie Pie, 1995
Palatini, M. Zoom Broom, 1998
Rylant, C. Hansel and Gretel, 2008
SanSouci, R. Peter and the Blue Witch Baby, 2000
Santoro, S. Which Way to Witch School?   2010
Scieszka, J. The Frog Prince, Continued, 1991
Simmons, S. Alice and Greta, 1997
Simmons, S. Alice and Greta's Color Magic, 2001
Sperring, M. Wanda's First Day, 2004
Steig, W. Wizzil, 2000
Wolff, P. Cackle Cook's Monster Stew, 2001
Additional books about Witches can be found in Juvenile Non-Fiction (J 133.43)
   and in the Holiday Halloween Collection


Allard, H. Starlight Goes to Town, 2008
Ander Me and My Bike, 2008
Barner, B. Fish Wish, 2000
Carle, E. The Mixed-Up Chameleon, 1989
Collins, J. When You Wish Upon a Star, 2011
Conahan, C. The Big Wish, 2011
Coursen, V. Mordant's Wish, 1997
Davis, A. Kishka for Koppel, 2011
Dillard, S. Ten Wishing Stars, 2003
Fagan, C. Ella May and the Wishing Stone, 2011
Foley, G. Willoughby & the Lion, 2007
Gantos, J. Rotten Ralph's Thanksgiving Wish, 1999
Gill, M. The Yellow Butterfly, 2009
Hermes, P. When Show Lay Soft on the Mountains, 1996
Isadora, R. The Fisherman and His Wife, 2008
Keats, E. Whistle for Willie, 1989
Kimmel, E. Joha Makes a Wish: A Middle Eastern Tale, 2010
Krensky, S. The Youngest Fairy Godmother Ever, 1999
Leaf, M. Noodle, 2006
McClintock, B. Molly and the Magic Wishbone, 2001
Meddaugh, S. The Witch's Walking Stick, 2005
Modesitt, J. Mama If You Had a Wish, 1993
Moser, L. Watermelon Wishes, 2006
Napoli, D. The Wishing Club: A Story About Fractions, 2007
Pfister, M. Make a Wish, Honey Bear!   1999
Polacco, P. Luba and the Wren, 1999
Rosen, M. A Thanksgiving Wish, 1998
Rosenthal, A. Yes Day! 2009
Shields, C. I Wish My Brother Was a Dog, 1997
Steptoe, J. Stevie, 1969
Sussman, M. Otto Grows Down, 2009
Sweet, M. Tupelo Rides the Rails, 2008
Symes, R. The Sheep Fairy: When Wishes Have Wings, 2003
Thong, R. Wish, 2008
Weninger, B. Happy Birthday, Davy, 2000
White, S. Barney's Christmas Wishes, 1997
Whybrow, I. Harry and the Dinosaurs make a Christmas Wish, 2003
Williams, S. My Dog Never Says Please, 1997


Allen, J. When the Snow Comes, 2010
Asch, F. Good Night, Baby Bear, 1998
Aylesworth, J. The Mitten, 2009
Baker, K. No Two Alike, 2011
Bauer, D. The Longest Night, 2009
Berry, L. Duck Skates, 2005
Bond, R. This Place in the Snow, 2004
Bourgeois, P. Franklin's Bad Day, 1997
Brett, J. The Hat, 1997
Brett, J. Trouble With Trolls, 1992
Brett, J. Three Snow Bears, 2007
Brett, J. Jan Brett's Snowy Treasury, 2009
Bridges, S. I Drive a Snowplow, 2005
Briggs, K. Lighthouse Lullaby, 2000
Briggs, R. The Snowman, 1978
Brown, M. Arthur and the Big Snow, 2004
Browning, K. A is for Axel: An Ice Skating Alphabet, 2006
Brun-Cosme, N. Big Wolf & Little Wolf:   The Little Leaf That Wouldn't Fall, 2011
Brunelle, N. Snow Moon, 2005
Buehner, C. Snowmen At Night, 2002
Buehner, C. Snowmen All Year, 2010
Butler, M. Snow Friends, 2005
Butler, M. One Winter's Day, 2006
Butler, M. One Snowy Night, 2004
Butler, M. The Smiley Snowman, 2010
Carle, E. Dream Snow, 2000
Carlson, N. Harriet and Walt, 2004
Carlstrom, N. Mama, Will It Snow Tonight?   2009
Carnesti, M. Little Dog Lost: The True Story of a Brave Dog Named Baltic, 2012
Carr, J. Frozen Noses, 1999
Celenza, A. The Farewell Symphony, 2000
Child, L. Snow is My Favorite and My Best, 2006
Child, L. I Really, Really Need Actual Ice Skates, 2009
Christiana, D. The First Snow, 1996
Clark, K. Grandma Drove the Snowplow, 2010
Cole, H. Trudy, 2009
Collins, P. In The Snow, 2009
Cook, L. Martin MacGregor's Snowman, 2003
Cox, J. Go to Sleep Groundhog, 2003
Cuyler, M. The Biggest Best Snowman, 1998
Cuyler, M. Groundhog Stays Up Late, 2005
Davis, L. The Snowy Ride, 1997
Davis, R. Snowflakes and Ice Skates:   A Winter Counting Book, 2006
Day, A. Carl's Snoy Afternoon, 2009
DeGezelle, T. Let's Snowboard! 2006
DeGroat, D. Jingle Bells, Homework Smells, 2000
Denslow, S. In The Snow, 2005
Diviny, S. Snow Inside the House, 1998
Dixon, A. Winter Is, 2002
Dunrea, O. It's Snowing! 2002
Dunrea, O. Old Bear and His Cub, 2010
Edwards, J. Dumpy and the Firefighters, 2003
Edwards, R. Copy Me, Copycub, 1999
Ehlert, L. Snowballs, 95
Faller, R. Polo and the Dragon, 2003
Fallon, J. Snowball Fight! 2005
Figueredo, D. When This World Was New, 1999
Fleming, C. Tippy-Tippy-Tippy, Hide!   2007
Fleming, D. The First Day of Winter, 2005
Fleming, D. Time to Sleep, 1997
Ford, B. First Snow, 2005
Fox, M. Sleepy Bears, 1999
Frost, R. Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening, 2001
Gammell, S. Is That You, Winter? A Story, 1997
Garland, M. Super Snow Day Seek and Find, 2010
Gay, M. Stella Queen of the Snow, 2000
Gerber, C. Blizzard, 2001
Gibbons, G. Groundhog Day! 2007
Gliori, d. The Snow Lambs, 1995
Gore, L. Danny's First Snow, 2007
Haas, I. Bess and Bella, 2006
Hachler, B. Anna's Wish, 2008
Halpern, J. Toby and the Snowflakes, 2004
Hannan, P. The Greatest Snowman in the World! 2010
Harper, L. Snow! Snow!   Snow! 2009
Hawcock, C. Mine, All Mine! 2009
Hayes, K. The Winter Visitors, 2007
Helquist, B. Bedtime for Bear, 2011
Henkes, K. Oh!, 1999
Hest, A. You Can Do It, Sam, 2003
Hest, A. Don't You Feel Well, Sam?   2002
Hill, S. Punxsutawney Phyllis, 2005
Hobbie, H. Let It Snow, 2007
Hoffman, A. FireFlies, 1997
Huneck, S. Sally's Snow Adventure, 2007
Hussey, L. Rabbit's Winter Walk, 2008
Inkpen, M. Kipper's Snowy Day, 1996
Iwamura, K. Hooray for Snow! 2008
Jacques, B. Urso Brunov and the White Emperor, 2008
Jennings, L. Little Puppy Lost, 2008
Joosse, B. Snow Day! 1995
Judge, L. Red Sled, 2011
Keller, H. Pearl's New Skates, 2005
Kellogg, S. The Missing Mitten Mystery, 2000
Kerr, J. The Quiet Little Farm, 2000
Kirk, D. Snow Dude, 2004
Kirk, D. Dashing Through the Snow, 2005
Kohara, K. Here Comes Jack Frost, 2009
Krensky, S. Chaucer's First Winter, 2009
Krupinski, L. Snow Dog's Journey, 2010
Kuryla, M. Heart of a Snowman, 2009
Kuskin, K. Under My Hood I Have a Hat, 2004
Lakin, P. Snow Day! 2002
Lamb, A. Sam's Winter Hat, 2006
Laminack, L. Snow Day! 2007
LaReau, K. Snowbaby Could Not Sleep, 2005
Lasky, K. Lucille's Snowsuit, 2000
Lester, H. Tacky and the Winter Games, 2005
Lin, G. Robert's Snow, 2004
Lobel, G. Little Honey Bear and the Smiley Moon, 2006
London, J. Froggy Gets Dressed, 1997
Maass, R. When Winter Comes, 1993
Manushkin. F. How Mama Brought the Spring, 2008
Martin, J. Snowflake Bentley, 1998
Mayer, G. Just a Snowy Vacation, 2001
McDonnell, P. The Gift of Nothing, 2005
McDonnell, P. South, 2008
McGhee, A. Making a Friend, 2011
McQuirk, L. Tucker Flips, 1999
Meschenmoser, S. Waiting for Winter, 2009
Messner, K. Over and Under the Snow, 2011
Miller, P. Substitute Groundhog, 2006
Morgan, A. Sadie and the Snowman, 1985
Moulton, M. A Snowman Named Just Bob, 2003
Moulton, M. A Snowgirl Named Just Sue, 2005
Murphy, Y. Baby Polar, 2009
Na, I. Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit, 2011
Nelson, S. Frosty the Snowman, 2003
Norman, K. Ten on the Sled, 2010
O'Malley, K. Straight to the Pole, 2003
Ouellet, D. How Robin Saved Spring, 2009
Partridge, E. Moon Glowing, 2002
Patten, B. The Big Snuggle-Up, 2011
Pearson, T. Where Does Joe Go?, 1999
Peddle, D. Snow Day, 2000
Perkins, L. Snow Music, 2003
Peters, L. Cold Little Duck Duck Duck, 2000
Pfeffer, W. The Shortest Day, 2003
Plourde, L. The Blizzard Wizard, 2010
Pomerantz, C. The Mousery, 2000
Poydar, N. Snip, Snip…Snow! 1997
Pulver, R. Axle Annie, 1999
Quattlebaum, M. Winter Friends, 2005
Raczka, B. Snowy, Blowy Winter, 2008
Repchuk, C. The Snow Tree, 1997
Rey, H. Curious George Goes Sledding, 1984
Rey, M. Curious George in the Snow, 1998
Root, P. Grandmother Winter, 1999
Root, P. Lucia and the Light, 2006
Rose, D. The Twelve Days of Winter:   A School Counting Book, 2006
Rosen, M. Avalanche, 1998
Rucki, A. When the Earth Wakes, 1998
Rustad, M. Today Is Snowy, 2006
Rustad, M. Today Is Cold, 2006
Rylant, C. Snow, 2008
Rylant, C. Brownit & Pearl See the Sights, 2010
Sakai, K. The Snow Day, 2009
Sams, C. Stranger in the Woods, 2000
Sams, C. First Snow in the Woods, 2007
Schaefer, C. Snow Pumpkin, 2000
Scheidt, G. Flowers for the Snowman, 1988
Seuling, B. Winter Lullaby, 1998
Shulevitz, U. Snow, 1998
Spinelli, E. Callie Cat, Ice Skater, 2007
Spinelli, E. Now It is Winter, 2004
Steig, W. Brave Irene, 1988
Stewart, P. A Little Bit of Winter, 1999
Stojic, M. Snow, 2002
Stringer, L. Winter is the Warmest Season, 2006
Thompson, L. Mouse's First Snow, 2005
Van Dusen, C. Learning to Ski with Mr. Magee, 2010
VanLaan, N. When Winter Comes, 2000
Vestergaard, H. Hello, Snow! 2004
Waber, B. Bearsie Bear and the Surprise Sleepover Party, 1997
Waddell, M. Snow Bears, 2000
Wallace, N. Snow, 1995
Wallace, N. Paperwhite, 2000
Walters, C. When Will It Be Spring?, 1998
Walters, C. The Magical Snowman, 2009
Watts, B. The Smallest Snowflake, 2009
Welling, P. Andrew McGroundhog and His Shady Shadow, 2001
Whybrow, I. Harry and the Snow King, 1997
Wilder, L. Sugar Snow, 1998
Wilder, L. Winter On the Farm, 1996
Wilder, L. Winter Days In the Big Woods, 1994
Wilson, K. Bear Snores On, 2002
Wilson, K. Dinos in the Snow, 2005
Wormell, C. The Wild Girl, 2005
Wright, M. Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep!   2010
Wright, M. Sneezy the Snowman, 2010
Yamashita, H. Seven Little Mice Have Fun on the Ice, 2011
Yee, W. Tracks in the Snow, 2003
Yolen, J. Owl Moon, 1987
Yolen, J. Sleep, Black Bear, Sleep, 2007
Ziefert, H. Snow Party, 2008
Additional Children's Books about Winter can be found in the Holiday Christmas section