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Flash Gordon to The Walking Dead: The Influence of Early Pulps on Modern Sci-Fi

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Tuesday, July 01, 2014, 07:00pm


Contemporary science fiction often relies upon the concept that bigger is better. New films need to be more explosive than those of the previous summer; video games often reboot the previous year’s best sellers with “better” graphics and faster pacing; books and comics need to out-do the other works on the shelves of libraries and stores in order to break into the consciousness of the readers. From Pacific Rim to Divergent and from The Avengers to A Song of Ice and Fire, these works need to present themselves as the newest thing, unfettered by the past and more exciting than the previous flash in the pan. However, the most popular of our science fiction stories owe a debt to the old pulpy works from the early 20thCentury. In this talk, we will examine the influence of the old serials, comic strips, and novels on the recent trends in science fiction. 

Join Eastern Michigan University Professor Andre Peltier for this science fiction week presentation. Families are Welcome!